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We can provide an efficient solution to your particular logistics that managed by experienced professionals and supported by latest technology.


We connect all supply chain and logistics processes, starting at the customer and working upstream through manufacturing and into our supplier base.


The first mile collection service enables you to collect the goods from sellers and deliver it safely to e-commerce hubs. Our services can be seamlessly integrated with your organization’s operations to manage the first leg of your supply chain.

With robust operational tools and a well-equipped fleet of vehicles, we will make sure the movement of your goods is on time. Our quick and reliable pick up services enable you to focus on your core operations while we take care of the rest.


We understand that your opportunity to impress your customers depends on the final mile of your delivery process. Timely delivery is thus crucial to the success of your business.

Our customizable last mile delivery and dispatch management services can be integrated with automated delivery route planning, route optimization, real time resource allocation, cash and proof of delivery. Field force management and real time tracking provide you with increased control, allowing you to improve the bottom line of your business. GPS enabled tracking system ensures you and your customers are fully aware of the Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs).

Our service features include:
1. Cash and Collection on Delivery
2. Managed Drop-Ship
3. Smartphone Equipped Fleet
4. Digital Signatures
5. Localized and Product Trained Customer Service
6. Real-Time Status
7. Next-Day Delivery
8. GPS Tracking


We understand the impact reverse logistics can have on your customers’ experience. We ensure that we pick-up return packages promptly from your customers and transport them to the hub for aggregation.

Our route optimization and planning covers return to merchant and return to the origin. With QC options, it’s a true value add. Merging reverse pickups with last mile deliveries can help optimize resources, reducing operational expenditure for your company.


Distribution Center plays a Key role in the Last mile delivery as this is the final point from where distribution of shipments to the end customer actually happens. Since the customer experience is directly influenced by this leg of the supply chain,

it is paramount that there are no misses as it can be make or break for future purchases. CartingPro is one of the leading partners in managing Distribution Centers for major e-commerce companies in India and have performed exceedingly well in all metrics used for judging the DC performance and efficiency. We understand that in our business, proper handling of shipments, on-time doorstop deliveries and quality of packaging play an important role in increasing the customer experience of our clients and hence we take utmost care of these while rendering our services.


We offer best-in-class infrastructure to mobilise your business and ensure fast, problem-free and safe distribution of your goods.

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